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by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
Learn the "language of business" to analyze and communicate essential information about financial operations.
Tags: accounting, assets, bookkeeping, budgeting, business communication, business law, economics, payroll, taxes
Anatomy and Physiology
by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
A comprehensive study of the human body. Topics include but are not limited to, the body organization, homeostasis, cytology, histology, and the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous systems and special senses.
Automotive Systems Technology
by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
Gain employment as an entry-level transportation service technician. This program provides an introduction to transportation industry careers and increases awareness of the diverse technologies associated with this dynamic and challenging field.
Tags: automatic, automotive, braking, cars, drive train, engine repair, engines, manual, mechanic, steering, suspension, transmission, transportation industry, transportation systems, transportation technologies, trucks
Computer Information Technologies
by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
Graduates use computers to process, manage, and communicate information.
Tags: computers, database, information systems, java, linux/unix, networking, programming, self-employment, small business, systems analysis, technology, windows
by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
Provides students with the fundamental knowledge of business functions, processes, and an understanding of business organizations in today's global economy.
Tags: accounting, business, business administration, business writing, e-commerce, economics, economy, entrepreneurship, funding, innovation, investing, management, marketing, money, office, self-employment, small business, social entrepreneurship, taxes
Medical Office Administration
by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
Prepare for employment in medical and other health-care related offices. Course work will include medical terminology; information systems; office management; medical coding, billing and insurance; legal and ethical issues; formatting/word processing.
Tags: billing, ethical issues, ethics, information systems, insurance, legal issues, medical coding, medical office, medical terminology, office administration, office management, text editing
Medical Sonography
by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
The Medical Sonography curriculum provides knowledge and clinical skills in the application of high frequency sound waves to image internal body structures.
Tags: anatomy, cross-sectional anatomy, fetal development, fetal growth, imaging, medical sonography, obstetrical/gynecological sonography, pathology, patient interaction, physics, sonography, sound waves, ultrasound, vascular sonography
by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
"...The goal of nursing faculty is to promote the highest quality of nursing care to the individual, families and significant persons, and the community. . ."
Tags: health sciences, nclex-rn, nurse, nurse aide, nursing, ribn, rn, teas v, teas vi
Occupational Therapy Assistant
by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
Human growth and development; conditions which interfere with daily living; individual/group treatment; therapeutic use of self; activity analysis; adapting activities and environments
Tags: anatomy & physiology, assessment, development, occupational therapy, physical dysfunction, psychology, psychosocial dysfunction, research
Outdoor Leadership
by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
Become a successful professional in outdoor adventure, education, and leadership. This program prepares you to work as an educator, instructor or facilitator in parks, recreational facilities, camps, and other outdoor settings.
Tags: adventure, backcountry, backpacking, emergency management, environment, environmental emergency, evacuation, leadership, outdoor, outdoor leadership, rescue, ropes, survival, wilderness, wilderness emergency, wilderness first responder, wilderness therapy
by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
Radiographers use radiation to produce images of the human body. Graduates are eligible for licensure.
Tags: anatomy & physiology, image processing, medical radiography, pathology, patient care, physics, radiation, radiation sciences, radiobiology, radiographic exposure, radiology
Spanish language
by Sherry Fox - Last Updated Sep 25, 2017
Develop basic listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in Spanish. Upon completion, students should be able to comprehend and respond with grammatical accuracy to spoken and written Spanish and demonstrate cultural awareness.
Tags: foreign language, language learning, pronunciator, spanish, spanish books, spanish culture, spanish language

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